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How do I choose the music at
Your skill level determines the time of the programs. Your ability to perform to a music piece may determine the music style, except where music style is a requirement. Simply browse READY-TO-USE section of the site by program time. Search the Music Library and READY-TO-USE by key words, like “fun” or “elegant”. Or go the Advanced Search Option and choose by Genre, like “Latin” or “Soundtrack”.Also Advanced Search by Tempo “Slow” or “Varied”, for instance. If you are not sure what to pick, please consult with your coach and/or choreographer or email us at

What is the difference between downloads and CD's from

Downloading the music will give you the quickest access to your new program. The music on CDs will sound better than the sound on your home-burnt CD, recorded from a compressed mp3 file.


Are READY-TO-USE programs made from the same music?

With so much choice available to us through our music library, we do not use the same music twice. To request any music to be reserved just for you, and remove it from public sale, please email us at

I liked the music I heard in the READY-TO-USE section of the site, but the program length is not what I need.
You can proceed to Custom Music, select music time, then select READY-TO-USE as music source and complete the order.
Can I copy my CDs for my friends or my coach?
Anyone can listen to your music, but you are the only one who is allowed to use it both in practice and in competition. The purchaser (her/his child or student) is the only with the legal right to use the music. You may give a copy to your coach, but it is only for your use. You may not copy it for anyone. It is unlawful to use the music for anyone other than you.
Please read the Purchase Agreement
I know how to cut music. I’ll just cut out your voiceovers for my program. Will anyone ever find out?
Yes! Cutting out our voiceovers, attempting to edit any demo or program versions of our tracks is a copyright violation and is punishable by law worldwide.

Are there any coupons or discount I can use?

We often have offers and coupons are available, please email to be added to our mailing list or register at our site.

 Are there any programs to music with words or vocals?

Yes. Please use Advanced Search to choose With Words in the Genre drop-box. Search by key word: Vocals, if words in your program are not allowed.

Will I still hear the voice saying: “This is a demo from” on my download or CDs?

These words can be heard only when you listen to the demo or download it. Once you pay for the program, the audio protection will be removed and the mp3 download and CDs will not contain the voiceover. We ask that you help us protect the rights of composers and performers of copyrighted material. Our audio protection will not prevent you from experiencing the music during sampling.

What if I did not find anything I liked in the READY-TO-USE section?

Please browse through our Music Library. You may find something you love and we'll gladly customize it just for you.And please visit us frequently as things change and on your next visit you may find something you’ve always wanted.

Can I buy Music Library tracks without editing?

Tracks from Music Library are to be used for Custom Music Orders and may not be sold separately.

Can I buy your Music Library tracks at Amazon or iTunes?

Our library contains unique tracks. Except for classics, they are only found here..

I found some, but not all of the music for my program? What do I do now?

Please email us at and we will assist you.

Is it better to use Mac or a PC to use this site?

Our site is designed for users of both. If you are experiencing accessibility difficulties, please contact us at for assistance.

It’s always our pleasure to help you make the best choice for you.


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