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Professionally made music for solos, duets and teams. Precise music edited with flawless transitions will make your synchronized swimming program simply sensational. Ready-to-Use programs. Listen to full Demos online. Clean music instantly and automatically downloads immediately upon payment. Custom Music is for when you already found the music for your synchronized swimming program. We will professionally edit it as you like. Our quick service means most work is done within 48 hours.Music Library is yours to explore at a time, convenient to you.

Browse online 24/7/365 with live customer support 7 days a week.

Personal Music Search just for you and much more…

FREE Demo Downloads. Take it to the POOL on your I-pod or CD and let coach and choreographer check it out before you buy it.

No membership fees.


We are on a mission to develop our music for synchronized swimmers of today and tomorrow, who will learn to acquire good musical taste and it will contribute to their overall advancement.

Please DO NOT participate in intellectual property violations, protect music rights by using only licensed music editing professionals.


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